Caring for your Spangle Fandango Jewellery

When not wearing your jewellery, please store it in the original box. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. Please avoid getting your jewellery wet, don't wear whilst swimming or showering. Also, avoid spraying perfume or getting oily cosmetics onto it. Apply these before putting on your jewellery.

As I used mixed media and different finishes it's worth understanding how to care for these different elements:

Beaded Beads

These are tiny glass beads woven together using a strong nylon thread. Avoid crushing as you could break the glass beads and this in turn could break the thread. Avoid high temperatures. Keep clean with a soft dry cloth.

Sterling silver

Can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. Avoid silver cleaning dips as this can tarnish the beaded elements.  

Oxidised silver

Where I have used a chemical to oxidise the metal you should not use any kind of silver cleaning product as this will remove the oxidisation.  The oxidisation does erode in time in more exposed areas which add to the character of the piece.  To clean these items just use a soft dry cloth, even rubbing your finger across the piece helps to keep it shiny.