I'm Emma Lawrence, founder of Spangle Fandango. I craft jewellery with unusual forms and juxtapositions of colour that will surprise and delight. My jewellery is also comfortable to wear. 

My passion for all things colourful and shiny has been with me for as long as I can remember; viewing the world through a smoky topaz crystal or rummaging through trays of my father's costume jewellery. Once I was old enough to explore on my own, I discovered the wonder of bead shops. The pleasure of losing myself in these perfect units has never diminished.

I'm fascinated by beads, as objects of beauty, symbols of status, use in exchange and adornment. I'm excited by their ubiquity, variety and poetry. Beads transmit meaning and metaphor; they encourage us to share rich, compelling stories. Beads are magic.


I weave tiny glass beads and cast precious metals into intricate, charming forms. I particularly enjoy embellishing metalwork with my signature granulations.

I source reusable modern and antique beads. Modern beads radiate brilliant colours while antique beads are sustainable and feature alluring patinas. I'm committed to quality, ethical fabrication.


I've completed courses at the London Jewellery Workshop and the City Lit, in silversmithing, wax carving, casting and finishing. I learn to bead by trying, failing and trying again to recreate projects I find in books by accomplished bead artists. Poring over these books has filled me with gratitude for their erudition and generosity. 

My imagination is forever beyond my ability's reach. This motivates me to develop my skills and knowledge. My sincere wish is to create jewellery that whisks you to another world.