Jewel Anemone

 Pendant Necklace
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Pools of light swim amongst the undulations of these organic yet simple forms. Variations in details offer a glimpse of the mirage of perfection.

  • orange and chartreuse
  • sterling silver pendant 5cm or 2 inches long
  • sterling silver chain 46cm or 18 inches long
  • glass beads of varying size and colour

Hand carved using the lost wax method the square granulated pendant is made from solid sterling silver. Light radiates over the curves of the irregular granulations and captures attention. The beauty of this reflection is enhanced by the shimmering autumnal colours refracted around the beaded circle created by beadweaving. The pendant is hung on a sterling silver chain and sits just below the clavicle. A perfect companion to a smart collared shirt or dress.

Jewel Anemone is part of the collections: Granulation, Necklaces, One Offs, Radiate